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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my alarm system reset itself after going off?

The siren is programmed to stop after 8 minutes. The system will remain armed and able to activate if another event happens.

How do I reset my system after an alarm?

Enter your four-digit User Code and off (1) twice. The first time will silence the alarm and the second time will reset the system.

How do I bypass a zone or device?

Enter your four-digit user code followed by the bypass key (6) and the two or three digit zone number you wish to bypass.

Can I increase the volume of my keypad?

Only the Lynx systems allow you to change the volume. For the Lynx Plus system, press the function key (#) then press the volume key (2) then press the up or down arrow to change the volume. On the touch screen Lynx Panels, the volume is changed in the settings menu.

Will the alarm report to the central station if the phone line is cut?

The alarm system cannot communicate with the Central Station if the phone line is not available. A cellular communicator can be installed if no phone lines are available.

How often should I test my system?

Your alarm should be tested once each month.

How can I test my security system?

Place your system on test with the monitoring center by calling (844)367-1268.  You will need to provide the account number and password.  Once the system in on test, arm the system in the away mode and activate each sensor.  Disarm and reset the system.  Call the monitoring center back and make sure signals were received from every zone tested.  You can also call us at (803)469-6222 for further assistance.

How do I change my panel battery?

In a Hardwired Alarm System the battery is found in the main control panel which may be located in a closet. There will be a red wire and a black wire connected to the battery. Unplug both wires from the existing battery and plug them onto the new battery.  Make sure the colors match up correctly.  It may take up to 24 hours for the low battery message to clear from the keypad.

Why is my alarm system beeping?

If your system is beeping it will be heard from the keypad and a code will be displayed. If the keypad is normal the beeping may be coming from somewhere else in the house. A common source is battery powered smoke detectors that were not installed by the alarm company.

Why does my keypad displays “Alarm and a Zone Number”?

This indicates an alarm has occurred. This will continue to be displayed until you enter your user code and press “Off” (1).

Why does my keypad show "FC" on the display?

 “FC”, will appear on the keypad anytime the alarm system tried to report an event to the central station and the message was not received. This may be due to a phone line issue or a change in phone service providers.

How do I set my system in the stay or away modes?

To arm your system in the away mode press your user code and away (2).  Use the away mode when everyone is leaving for the day.  Interior motion detections as well as door and glass break sensors will be active.  To arm you system in the stay mode press your code and stay (3).  In the stay mode the motion sensors are not active and you are free to move inside your home.  The door and glass break sensors will be active in the stay mode.

How do I change my user code?

We can assist you changing your code.  Call us at (803)469-6222. 

What are your response procedures for my alarm?

Once a signal is transmitted to the Central Station it is verified to the premise, if appropriate verification is not received, the proper authorities are dispatched and the customer’s contact list is called.

Do you offer remote services so that I can use my smart phone with my alarm system?

Yes.  We can add Total Connect services to your alarm system that will allow you to arm/disarm you system remotely, and receive alarm event notifications.  Call us for details and pricing.

How long do I have to disarm my system before it goes off?

The time can be configured based on your needs.

How do I turn the chime back on?

If your keypad stopped beeping when you open your doors you may need to turn the chime back on.  Press your user code and chime (9).

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